3 Weeks and Counting

The excitement is starting to build. I was finding it difficult to look forward because I have so much to do before I leave; stress was overriding joy.

A few things moved along this weekend that relieved some stress. I posted furniture for sale to Craigslist and got lots of hits. I think I will sell quite a few items this week. I still feel overwhelmed about packing up the house.

The biggie is that I finished preparing my taxes !  Yeah ! Well, almost. I lost one W2, so I have to call for a new one; but once I plug those figures in, I can file. I’m getting a refund. I guess that’s what really made me feel better. It’s not just the money. It removes a little stress because the next few months are iffy–the unknown. Quit my job, remember?

I’m ticking off my list of things to do: clean up computer; get boxes; find important documents; pack up office; change address; stop the cable and electric; etc. I’m so organized as to have a spreadsheet. I checked my list today and it made me feel pretty good. I’ve finished over half with 3 weeks to go.

Except the house. This weekend is big packing weekend. I’ve got to get it done! Like 50% of the population, I’m a procrastinator when it comes to things I hate. But with only 3 weekends left, I’ve got to empty the house.

And my frenchman? Well, he’s anxiously awaiting my arrival.

One thought on “3 Weeks and Counting

  1. You go, girl! I am excited for you. I’m sure it seems overwhelming, but you WILL get it all done. Can’t wait to hear your stories from France!

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