By this time next week I will report that the house is packed and empty. Right now, boxes are stacked in every room; a friend is coming Saturday to move them, and then I will have a major hurdle behind me.

The computer is on its way from Apple. The Vital Records office delivered my birth certificate (an important document when moving abroad). Power of Attorney docs are ready to be signed and notarized. The strike-throughs on my list are growing.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean, my little frenchman is waiting, not so patiently. For both of us the near future is surreal. After two years of long online conversations and brief visits, we will spend every day together. He’s planning a party in my honor to introduce me to all the friends and family I haven’t yet met. It’s cute, really. He’s so proud to be bringing his American love to France, he really wants to show me off. And I’m anxious to meet them all; but more anxious to see him.