Bon Voyage, Dear Friends

Sunday–5 days until France.

Friday, 15 of my dear friends joined me for dinner at a great local restaurant to say “bon voyage.” It was terrific! I felt so special to know that these beautiful women are my friends. Some are closer than others, but as I told them, collectively they have been a strong support group for me.

So I had an idea. I didn’t want them to buy me gifts. No room to pack them. So I gave each of them a gift. But rather than buying gift, I gave each of them something special that belongs to me; something that would make them think of me. I carefully chose each item and thoughtfully decided who would get it.

Some examples:

A doily that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. Where ever I’ve lived, it always has a pillar candle resting in the center.

A decorative clay vase I bought while traveling in Jordan.

A piece of pottery I made several years ago (during my primitive stage).

A tuscan-style vase and pitcher that I displayed in an alcove in my kitchen.

A hand-tooled leather handbag, antiquish, that always hung on my vanity mirror.

A necklace I bought in Jordan (for my friend who loves chunky jewelry and makes her own).

A print I bought in Paris.

A book, “The Elements of Style,” for my friend who is just starting her writing career. My favorite writing book. It was in my suitcase and ready to go to France. I can get another.

I was so excited to share these treasures with my friends. It makes me feel as though I’ve left a piece of me with them, so I’m not really leaving them. And I wanted each of them to know how special they are to me.

Bon Voyage, dear friends. You all better visit me in the French Riviera!