Camargue Monopoly

Sinon c’est direct retour maison, sans passer par la case départ. Allez en prison. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. French Monopoly, Camargue version.

In place of Boardwalk and Park Place, you get Les Saintes Maries de la Mer and Port Camargue. Toros and Camargue Cowboys mark the center of the game board in this French version of monopoly, themed for Camargue, my French home.

2 thoughts on “Camargue Monopoly

  1. Toni, I hadn’t seen this post and it’s lifted up an otherwise pretty bland and frustrating evening. Believe it or not, I was brought up very close to the Camargue (near the roman city of Orange). It was a usual Sunday outing for us and sadly, as a child, I never really paid it much attention, apart from the flamingos, the wild horses and the bulls. I have since gone back a few times and fallen totally in love with the place even though it is already so familiar. One of my fondest memories is of taking my ex-husband there when we first met. He is a keen bird-watcher, so you can just imagine! We were driving along this long lonely road leading to the Plage Napole9on at Port-Saint-Louis and stopped to go and have a closer look at what appeared to be a long row of big old stones from a distance. As we were walking closer, a huge flock of herons (the stones) took off. It was a fabulous site. 10 years later, I went with my current partner in the middle of the flamingo season. There were masses of pink everywhere in searing heat (picture the heat haze and the pink colour) and it was just stupendous.Your pictures are fabulous and really capture the spirit of the place.The culture of the place is also totally fascinating, with the huge traveller influence, the bull-fighting, the fabulous costumes, the guardians with their wild horses and leather crafts, etc. Not always for the faint-hearted but nonetheless incredibly interesting.You’ve made me feel very nostalgic!

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