Food in France

Some random facts about food in the South of France, or at least here in Provence:

Framage (cheese) comes at the end of every meal. And there is an abundance and variety of cheese in France.

There is also a variety of grapes, and so I have no idea what type of grape jelly I am eating on my peanut butter sandwiches.

They have peanut butter here, but it’s hard to find. I’ve found only Skippy (chunky) in a small jar.

The order of the meal is very important.

An aperitif comes first; and an aperitif does not only refer to the beverage. It refers to what we Americans call an appetizer. Usually some kind of pork and bread. Always salty, not sweet.

The entree is next. And this is not the main meal as we refer to it in the States. It’s usually a salad or vegetable.

Next, The Plate (here’s what we call the entree).

Duck and other wild game and sea food, fresh, is plentiful here. Duck is as common as beef.

We eat Sea Salt (from the Mediterranean, I assume), and naturally, it is manufactured (or processed) locally.

Dessert is after The Plate; and cheese comes last, AFTER dessert.

They eat way to much bread here and drink way too much wine. I don’t know how they stay thin. I think I’m going to gain 20 pounds and stay drunk all day.

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