Generic Works Sometimes

If your are not concerned with politics, you will be if you ever decide to move to a foreign country.

Republic, democracy, social medicine, border control–it matters when you think about crossing the border for any length of time. My mother called this morning to say a U.S. government shutdown could affect getting a VISA (but I think that is for incoming visitors to the U.S.). I won’t comment on Republic vs. democracy, but I will say there is plenty of bureaucracy when trying to get into another country.

Healthcare is the issue that most concerns me; not from a political perspective, but from a practical one: I need it.

France, of course, has socialized medicine. And whether Americans agree or not is irrelevant to me at this juncture. It may work in my favor. I opted not to get international insurance because the deductibles are so high it doesn’t make sense. Especially after I read that healthcare, even without insurance, is less expensive in France than in the States.

So how do you get your prescriptions filled when you are spending 3 months in another country? You thank God for generic drugs and ask for a 90-day supply before you go. And I always ask for an emergency antibiotic to carry with me, just in case.

It’s just another one of those details.

2 thoughts on “Generic Works Sometimes

  1. I agree with Donna. The reason for reausfl would have made quite clear to you at the time and yet you don’t mention it in your question.The only reason you would have a National Insurance card in your name is if you were working. If you were on a visitors visa, you should not have been be working. The fact that you have a UK bank account in a country you are only visiting is not that unusual, but added to the NI card it is almost certainly looking as though you worked when you were last in the UK. UKBA can now check bank accounts of people seeking entry to the UK. If you have had regular payments such as a salary paid into it from a UK source, or made regular cash payments into it when you were last in the UK, that would prove you broke the conditions of your visa.If this is the case, you will almost certainly be refused a visitors visa again. You will also struggle to get a visa in any other EU country as immigration information is shared between the EU countries now.

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